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At Universal Fabricating we specialize in customized solutions for the automotive industry. We are known for our high-quality materials, advanced technology, and top-tier customer service. Our experienced professionals ensure precision and quality to make sure every product meets your exact needs.

Our Automotive Manufacturing Work

A Leader in Automotive Technology

We specialize in diverse aluminum extrusions, various brackets styles, galvanized fasteners, and more. From design to painting, we manage every aspect of your needs.

Stellantis Carriers

Universal Fabricating completed this as a turn-key project. From build-to-design, we completed a precision overhead power & free carriers for their custom automotive assembly line.

Factory Zero Carrier Assemblies

High-volume overhead power & free carriers for another custom automotive assembly line were completed for Factory Zero Carrier Assemblies.

DHAM Skids

From Precision skid carriers for transferring assemblies along an automotive skid-based assembly line.

VAC Arms Springhill

High-volume precision arm carriers built-to-design for vehicle body transfer, experienced manufactured by the Universal Fabricating team.

GM Oshawa

High-volume skid carriers for use in a skid-based automotive assembly line. CMM certified, turnkey assembly from concept, design and build accomplished for GM.

Oven Tracks Springhill

High-volume automated tracking for high-heat paint line oven.

Oven Tracks DHAM

High volume painted tracking for a high-heat paint line oven, is another example of the full breadth of our capabilities.

Pratt & Whitney Carriers

We are proud of the wide range of capabilities we offer our clients, this initiative is a prime example of the full scope of services we can provide. With Pratt & Whitney Carriers we built a precision aircraft scissor-lift engine carrier for aerospace applications.

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